Distributors Newsletter – September 2015

Welcome to the September Distributor Newsletter, a huge month with Malcolm Turnbull sworn in as the 29th Prime Minister of Australia on 15 September 2015.

We look forward to Football Grand Finals in two codes, AFL and NRL, this weekend – let’s hope they are great games, so good luck to all! In addition to the kick-offs, all States except WA have a long weekend, with either a Friday or a Monday off. Also this Sunday brings the start of Daylight Saving in many states. What a mix!

This month in our news we bring you the new Vertilux SMART Motor, we have an update on Vertical colour deletions and so much more.

Please read on to find all our September news…

Your innovative Vertilux team


NEW VERTILUX SMART 35 RT 6/28 EA MOTOR – now available



Effective immediately, we bring to you our new Vertilux SMART 35 RT 6/28 EA Motor. This motor replaces our previous Vertilux RT motor 40EL RT 6/28.

Both the Vertilux RT 40EL RT 6/28 and the 40EL RT 10/17 motors are discontinued and out of stock. There is no replacement for the 40EL RT 10/17. 

The new SMART 35 RT 6/28 EA Motor will be available at the same price as our previous Vertilux RT 40EL RT 6/28 motor. It offers excellent value for money and performance without compromising on quality or reliability. Exceptionally quiet, the SMART 35 RT 6/28 EA Motor has been carefully selected to provide sustainable solutions for interior roller blinds.

Remote Controls are White with a Charcoal trim and come in the following channel options priced as shown:

  • 1 channel remote = $26
  • 5 channels remote = $30
  • 15 channels remote = $55

Download the data sheet

Vertilux SMART Motor Data Sheet
or the Programming Data sheet
Vertilux Smart35RT_Motor-Operating_Instructions

MADISON TWO – additional colour available now!


Madison Two’s new additional colour Knight with white back has arrived in store, ready to order.

Sampling has been completed and will be on its way to you shortly for both your Retail Cases sampler and for the Architectural Catalogues.

However, we will not be adding this additional colour to the Mini Samplers, so please make yourself a note as needed on the Mini Sampler.

Blind fabric ranges click here

VERTICAL RANGE – Pilbarra Plus (Hunter Douglas Plaza Plus) colour deletions 


We have received advice from Hunter Douglas that two colours from the Plaza Plus range (our Pilbarra Plus) in our Verticals Fabric Range are to be deleted.

Please remove these colours from your sampler swatching: Malt and Jewel.

We have also been advised that these colours, along with two others, are to be discontinued from the Plaza Plus roller blind fabric range, so please check stock prior to committing to an order. Colours affected are: Beach Sand, Citrus Cream, Malt and Jewel.

Please download the updated Vertical Sampler Colour List

Vertical Current Colour Range

or directly from the members section of the website.


 V6_0915_shutterstock_224492434 cropped_262px

TBA or TBC noted on orders that we receive:
We are not able to process your order until all the information has been supplied. Only orders with finished sizes and all required information on the worksheet will be processed.

Additionally, if you do send the order through with TBA or TBC, we will hold it aside waiting on the information to arrive, then when resending ONLY send the missing information, not the whole order, unless you clearly mark it as such directly on the order, not just on the email.

Remote Controls on your Motorised Blind Orders:
Your choice of Remote Control MUST be noted on your order. Even if you do not require a remote, we ask that you note this on your order.

Helps us to ensure a lower risk of any errors that can occur with lots of to-ing and fro-ing to your order.



It’s that time again.. Please make a note of this year’s cut-off dates to achieve delivery of your order prior to the Christmas close.

Also note that the Vertilux Tullamarine office and production will close on Tuesday 22 December 2015 and re-open on Monday 11 January 2016.



Whilst we know you and your customers are loving the new Vertilux Fabric Ranges, we understand the need for fabrics from other suppliers (that we are no longer sampling), to be available.

So this is just a reminder that, YES indeed, it is not a problem. The Price Group List (downloadable from the Members Section) shows the new Price Group for each of those fabrics, and comes into effect from 1 October 2015.

The fabrics in question are: Pilbarra Plus (Hunter Douglas’s Plaza Plus) which has now moved from Price Group 1 to Price Group 3 and Wicker (Mermet’s Seychelles) which has gone from Price Group 7 to Price Group 8. Additionally, Ying Plus (Hunter Douglas Screenoptics), Kool-View Eco (Ecolibrium 5% 4500), Bellarine, Kool-Text and Silverview 5% (Sheerweave Performance+ 2390 5% Metallised) are all listed there for your information.

Now with the above, there is one exception to the price increase on 1 October and that is on Ocean (Mermet Willandra). This will remain at Group 6 for both Translucent and Room Darkening (even though the Price Group list shows Group 7 and 8) until at least next month’s newsletter. So stay tuned for an update on this.

WEBSITE UPDATE – Member login is moving

As we progress with improvements to the website we would like to alert you to a change that will come into play within the next few days.

This change is needed to allow for future work and changes that are currently in development.

We are moving your Members login from its current position, at the top right of the access tabs down to the bottom right of the face page, right next to our Legals & Privacy link. Please see the image at left, for your info.

As said, this will go live within the next few days.



It was declared that the Friday before the Australian Football League Grand Final will be a public holiday via notice in the Victorian Government Gazette on 19 August 2015.

Grand Final Friday is now a public holiday across the whole of Victoria, including metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria. So please note that we will not be able to assist until we return to work on the Monday 5 October.

This public holiday does not impose any restrictions on shop trading.

Click here to view the offical notice.

DAYLIGHT SAVING – begins this Sunday 


Australia Daylight Saving time begins this Sunday 4 October at 2 am Eastern Standard Time and ends on the first Sunday in April (April 3) at 2 am Eastern Standard Time (3 am Daylight Saving Time).

Daylight Saving time is observed in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria.

Daylight Saving time is not used in the Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia.