Distributor Newsletter – January 2016

Welcome to the January 2016 Distributor Newsletter


Here we are already at the end of the first month of 2016! Many of us have now returned from our Christmas break and are appreciating this time of year when the roads have much less traffic. Kids have just returned to school and in the midst of this, we enjoyed the Australia Day celebrations when the 2016 Australian of the Year Awards were announced.

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Awards went to a diverse range of recipients: Former Army chief David Morrison was named the 2016 Australian of the Year, whilst the Senior Australian of the Year is Professor Gordian Fulde, the director of emergency at St Vincent’s Hospital and Sydney Hospital. Young Australian of the Year went to two mates, Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett who set up Orange Sky Laundry, and Australia’s Local Hero 2016 to youth educator Dr Catherine Keenan. Please read more.  Our hearty congratulations go out to them and all winners around the countryside.

So whilst we move into the new year our major story of the month is that our new On-Line Order Forms have begun.

Please read on to find all our January news…

Your innovative Vertilux team


ON-LINE ORDER FORMS ROLLING OUT – Manual Roller Blind Form leading the charge from 1 February 2016!

Manual Roller snip_250

We are thrilled to advise that we have launched our Manual Roller Blind On-Line Order Form.

From 1 February all Distributors will have access to using this new On-Line Form. Progressively, over the coming months, we will be adding the forms for MDF Pelmets, Mottura Curtain Tracks and so on until we cover all our product range. We encourage you to view the form and do a test order to see how easy it can be to place your orders.

If you are currently using our Excel forms or hand writing your orders please talk to your account manager for further information.

Or why not check out the helpful Guide-To-Use that you can find in the Members Downloads section or download a copy here.

Manual Roller Blind _On-Line Order Form - Guide to Use


V6_0915_shutterstock_224492434 cropped_262px

We have been noticing a few issues with orders received as Excel files.

Excel will often auto recalculate values upon opening the file, adjust margins based on your active printer etc and can cause issues with wrong or missing information.

The best format for sending orders to Vertilux is a PDF file. With a PDF file what is displayed on your screen (barring any technical gremlins) is what Vertilux will receive, a simple way to double check your order is all ready. Most programs include a pdf export function, if they don’t a program like http://www.pdf995.com/ is a great solution.

Better still, why not save all the worry of this and move over to the new on-line order form offered above?